Polina's Inter-Arts Mini Portfolio

Polina Dimova, “Skriabina-Prometheus-Synaesthesia,” June 21, 2014Chalk Art after Jean Delville

Inspired by Jean Delville’s Illustration for Skriabin’s Promethée (1912), my drawing was done at the 2014 Obelrin Chalk Walk.

Jean Delville’s Illustration for Skriabin’s Promethée (1912)

Jean Delville’s Illustration for Skriabin’s Promethée (1912)

The Color of Music Salon: Scriabin with LEDs

Alexander Scriabin, Romance, op. 8, N. 12
Aaron Wolff, cello, Laura Spector, piano
Final Project for Polina Dimova’s CMPL 260

Oberlin College, May 7, 2014

Professor Polina Dimova and the Comparative Literature Students from her Oberlin course on synaesthesia, symbolism, and decadence organize The Second Modernist Salon: “The Color of Music” at the Frank Lloyd House in Oberlin. The program features Decadent, Symbolist, multimedia, and synaesthetic art, poetry, and music inspired by Baudelaire, Bely, Kandinsky, Scriabin, and Schoenberg. The dress code is decadent costumes or formal attire.

Polina Dimova (Oberlin College, Russian and Comparative Literature) ‘Synaesthesia at the Fin-de-Siècle: Art and Science’ from the conference ‘Synaesthesia. Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-)Science.’ July 5-6, 2013, Berlin, Germany. Produced by Art Laboratory Berlin.

Synaesthesia: Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-)Science, July 2013

This is an on-line publication of the Art Laboratory Berlin International Conference on Synaesthesia.

The Devil Comes to Oberlin: The Master and Margarita Redux, Russian House, Oberlin College, 2013

This creative semi-staged dramatic reading in Russian was the final collaborative project for Professor Polina Dimova’s RUSS 446: Senior Seminar on Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita.

Inspired by the Guggenheim exhibit “Picasso Black and White," 2012-13, I began a tour of my creative work on tumblr. It opens with my compositions for strings along with Picasso’s "Violin," December 1912 and concludes with a Spanish touch: my own Cubist-at-heart-and-in-medium "Untitled Violin," December 2012 and Sarasate’s "Andalusian Romance."
(Pablo Picasso, “Head of a Woman,” 1903)
Pablo Picasso, “Violin”
Pasted paper and charcoal on paper, December 1912

Polina Dimova, Fragment N. 3 and Three Violin Duos

My String Quartet “Fragment N. 3,” 2000 and my Three Violin Duos, 2001 were recorded on May 23, 2013 at the Oberlin Conservatory Clonic Hall, Kohl Building. The wonderful Con string players Ran Cheng ‘13 and Eliot Heaton ‘13 (violins), Carrie Frey ‘14 (viola), and Rose Bart ‘13 (cello) played my “Fragment N. 3” while I played my Violin Duos with Eliot Heaton.